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With the creativity of A-G Studio, interior design office of the project, and the collaboration of several Mexican designers and artisans, we managed to make our house a place full of tradition and history and at the same time the place that deserves to be discovered in San Miguel de Allende.

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A-G Studio was founded by designer Andrés Gutiérrez.
Taking as a starting point the style of a Spanish mansion in which tradition and avant-garde coexist, through a game of geometry and colors, they commemorate the lines of business that the property housed.

The color palette, for example, inspired by Mexican corn, refers to the grain and seed store, a business that for many years, in addition to the bank, Casa Hoyos housed. Even the townspeople referred to the property colloquially as "The Bean Bank"



The arrival of Julián Hoyos from Spain, the opening of the first foreign exchange house and his subsequent conversion into a grain and seed store, were the three moments that influenced the selection of materials and color of our palette that coexist in the same space and that give life to our hotel.

CARTA 11 - Logo Balanza Mercantil (1921)
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Recalling the colonial mansions, the hotel has an open central patio lined with Andalusian-style balconies, reminiscent of a typical house in southern Spain.


Reflecting the most deeply rooted religious traditions of the Iberian Peninsula, where the origins of the Hoyos family are found, we place the image of the virgin "Dolorosa de Loreto", handmade with "talavera" tiles in Dolores Hidalgo. As a witness to the past, we placed what used to be the counter of the foreign exchange house under the virgin, restored it and gave it life again in the project.

When you visit the hotel you will be surprised by the yellow color of our walls, remembering the old sale of grains in the house, we placed glazed clay tiles that symbolize an ear of corn. On the floor, you will walk on clay and black paste tiles, a material that you will also find in all the churches of our city because its beauty and resistance.


Colonial houses


Color and textures



On the inside of the arches that surround the central patio, you will notice a pink tile covering that represents the belly of the snakes that make up the Hoyos family heraldic shield.


Contemporary Mexico

Recalling Mexican modernism, the entire interior facade is made of a single piece of concrete.

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