Casa Hoyos facade, 1938.

Every beginning has a story, and this is ours. A true, human, emotional and inspiring story. If our house spoke, it would be like listening to that old wise man recounting his extraordinary experiences and anecdotes, from the birth of the tenor Pedro Vargas to the acquisition of the property by a Spaniard named Julián Hoyos, who migrated to Mexico in the midst of the Mexican Revolution and it´s here, where it all begins.


One of the happiest days in our house,

Pedro Vargas is born.


In the midst of the Mexican Revolution, Julián Hoyos arrives to Mexico from Spain..

Julián Hoyos founded the “Balanza Mercantil”, a store with products imported to San Miguel de Allende. Where the most photographed gas pump in the city is located, is right on that corner.

Gas pump.


The bells of the Parish ring, Julián marries Concepción Dobarganes and they form a family with 7 children.


Purchases "La Casa Lanzagorta" for $ 8,000 pesos, one of the best houses in the city. Correo Street N° 1.

He has the representation of various companies: Goodrich Euzkadi, Pierce Oil Corporation, San Luis Brewery, the Del Río Cigar Factory and the Flour Warehouse.


Julián buys the Urban Railway “Ferrocarril Urbano”, that took passengers and cargo from the downtown to the Train Station.


The Christian War begins and any Catholic worship is prohibited.

Train tracks of the "Urban Railway" on the Main Street.

Original plate of the 

Foreign exchange house.


Acquires the house located in Mesones 14 and begins to buy and sell seeds, now Casa Hoyos – Hotel Boutique.


Founded Casa Hoyos - money exchange, Correspondent of “Banco Nacional de México S.A.”, “Banco del Comercio, S.A.” and “Banco Mercantil del Bajío, S.A.”


The townspeople begin to call Casa Hoyos colloquially as "Banco del Frijol" or "Bean Bank" by the Americans because of the mix in business lines, where different types of seeds and beans are traded.


The foreign exchange house and the sale of grain cease to exist.

The house is rented as commercial space.


"Casa Hoyos" is reborn as a boutique hotel and is managed by the 4th generation of the Hoyos Family.

Casa Hoyos

has the second phone number that existed in San Miguel de Allende.

We have  2 00 02

TODAY 415 152 00 02

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